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Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd., more commonly known as THAISARCO, was established in 1963 for the smelting and refining of domestically mined tin ores. Today THAISARCO, is recognised worldwide as an industry leader in the manufacture of tin, tin alloys and tin-related products.

From its LME registered THAISARCO and PHUKET brands of pure tin to high purity tin, specialty alloys, powders and extruded products THAISARCO specialises in solutions tailored to meet its customers' needs.
THAISARCO commenced operations on July 29, 1965. It became part of Billiton BV of the Netherlands, a member of The Royal Dutch Shell Group in 1972.

Since 1995, THAISARCO has been managed and operated by its majority shareholder Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC of the UK with a minority shareholding being held by Escoy Holdings of Malaysia.

THAISARCO has over the years gained international recognition and accreditation by the London Metal Exchange as a producer of "THAISARCO" Brand tin of 99.9+% purity and "PHUKET" Brand tin of 99.85+% purity conforming to the BS EN 610:1996 specification and ASTM Grade A B339-19 specification.

THAISARCO was awarded the ISO9001 certification from Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd. for the Quality Management Systems of its tin-lead solder and lead-free solder business in December, 2000. These Systems have further been upgraded and extended to cover the whole plant with ISO9001 accreditation from Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd. in October 2003. ISO14001 accreditation from Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Ltd. for the Environmental Management of the Tin Smelter in April. 2002.

THAISARCO has successfully obtained ISO17025 Quality System for Laboratory (General Requirement for the Competency of Calibration and Testing Laboratories) accreditation from Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) in January 2009.
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