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Company Overview

Siam Winery was founded in 1986 with the vision to offer wine to Thai consumers as an alternate alcoholic drink to beer and spirits. Over the past quarter of a century, we have grown into Southeast Asia’s largest wine-based beverages manufacturer and today offer some of the region’s most iconic brands including SPY Wine Cooler, Monsoon Valley and Mont Clair wines. On top, we have expanded into other alcoholic categories with Moose Cider, Zeltzer Fizz and Soju brands.

Our company’s vision is to “Become the leading wine and premium lifestyle beverages company in Asia”, and we continue to invest in the future, offering a vast array of products that span over 30 brands, catering to consumers of every taste and budget level. We aspire to become a leader in Asia’s expanding wine industry and our products are sold worldwide in over 26 countries.

With more than 900 employees, our operations in Thailand consist of:

· Vineyard in 3 locations spanning over 300 acres across Thailand, including world-famous Monsoon Valley in Hua Hin

· The largest winery in South-East Asia

· Production capacity of over 1 million units per day

· Full service logistics and supply chain system

· Retail and F&B outlets

Recruitment Philosophy:

At Siam Winery, we believe that the best employees are happy employees who possess a strong sense of ownership and passion in what they do. We try to create an environment that is collaborative and teamwork oriented, with an enriching and innovative work culture. If you are a proactive person that is looking for a place that values passion, teamwork and creativity, then we would love to meet you!
"โปรดใส่แมสก์ทุกครั้ง ก่อนออกจากบ้าน"


Food & Beverage
  1. Restaurant Manager (1)


Job Highlights
Experience in F&B at least 5 years
Good command of English language
Performance Bonus
Job Description
The Restaurant Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of areas within the restaurant including the selection, development and performance management of restaurant employees, optimizing profits and increasing sales. Manages scheduled shifts ensuring guest satisfaction. Manages all operational issues ensuring our standards of quality and service are met.

Duties :
1. Planning: Budgeting and Cost Control (Sales/Marketing plans; maximize profits and turn over)
a. Operational (formulate and update department manuals (set policies, procedures and service standards)
b. Define sales strategy
c. Plan training schedule
2. Customer Service:
a. Monitor guest satisfaction and rectify issues
b. Support team in providing efficient and professional service
3. Maintenance
a. Consistently assure high standard of cleanliness of front-of-the-house areas and areas surrounding the Sala
b. To liaise with Engineering to ensure prompt and efficient repair work
4. Operational:
a. To liaise with Purchasing to ensure prompt and efficient purchasing, issuing of supplies, stock control and inventory control
b. To make recommendations to Management for modernization of equipment, service methods, presentation and improved guest satisfaction
c. To conduct regular meetings and briefings to keep employees informed of policies and procedures, special events, further improvement plans and guest comments
d. Supervise Billing Procedures
e. To ensure that all safety rules, emergency procedures and fire prevention regulations are strictly enforced by employees
5. F&B:
a. To liaise with the Kitchen to ensure a consistently good standard of food quality, efficient profitability and creative presentation
b. To prepare food and beverage menus and other promotional materials (seasonal); banquet and event planning and organization
6. Marketing:
a.To identify in accordance with Food and Beverage Manager, market needs and trends; Participates in Public Relations activities, sales calls and other promotional activities designed at enhancing the image and profitability; assure merchandising of retail outlet, and event calendar
b.To promote the identity of the Sala, building relations and a sense of personalized service towards guests
7. HR: To ensure the correct scheduling of employees to maintain standards of service. Ensures that employees report for duty punctually, maintaining a high standard of personal grooming, wearing the correct uniform and nametag at all times; To solve all problems occurring at the Sala, including staff conflicts; To maintain employees’ discipline and cooperation
8. Administration:
a. ensure that all departmental reports, schedules, menus, logbook, guest comments reports, guest history records and correspondence are completed in liaison with BD Director accurately and punctually

Qualification :
Experience in managing outlet, selling and marketing skills at least 5 years
Excellent customer service skills and presentation
Good command of English language, communication skills, team player
Good attitude, pleasant manners, and service oriented
Command of MS Office
Adress : 1 Moo 9 Baankhok Chang Patana, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110




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