Trip Store Krabi Co., Ltd.

การท่องเที่ยว, ทัวร์

Trip Store Krabi is a travel company with the aim to connect local operators in Southern Thailand to the world of travel. We are 'a bit of everything', a local travel agency, a tour operator, a marketer and last but not least a tech-minded company with a strong focus on online bookings. We have over 15 years of experience in travel tourism at Railay Beach and Krabi Town and know the area like the back of our hands. Benefit from our inside knowledge of Krabi Province and Southern Thailand, which has something to offer for everyone.

"หน้า "เพจออล" ใช้สำหรับโพสต์โฆษณาทางธุรกิจเป็นหลัก โปรดหลีกเลี่ยงการโพสต์งาน"



Work in an open-minded team with out-of-the-box thinkers. We use technology to solve problems, not to create new ones. Benefit from a good salary, performance bonus and paid days off.


To apply for an open position, please send your resume by email to [email protected]. The application must include a cover letter and your academic records.



Trip Store Krabi Co., Ltd.

508 Slingkarn Patana Road Krabi Yai, Muang Krabi 81000 Krabi

ติดต่อ: Ropi-Ah Sahadsatam

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0649283301